You may not realize how much food has an impact on the health of someone who has COPD. There’s actually a big correlation, and the right foods can help your senior a lot if she’s battling COPD every day. 

Hydration Is Hugely Important

Elder Care Larchmont, NY: COPD and Food

Most people don’t think about hydration when they think about food, but they really do go together. Staying properly hydrated is vital for every person, but it’s even more vital for someone with COPD. Mucus builds up easily for someone who has COPD. If your elderly family member doesn’t drink enough water, that mucus thickens and can make breathing way too difficult. Drinking more water helps to thin that mucus and your senior’s body is better able to expel it. 

Food Intake Always Matters 

Most nutrition comes from food, and that can be complicated for people with COPD. Just breathing burns a lot of calories, so you might find that your senior is losing weight rapidly. But it requires a lot of energy to eat, too, which is where the complications really begin. Your senior needs food to have energy, but is burning a lot of that energy just in breathing and digesting foods. It’s very easy to end up at a deficit. That means that your senior needs to avoid empty calorie foods, like junk foods, and opt for healthy choices as much as possible. 

It Can Also Matter When Your Senior Eats 

COPD burns a lot of energy for your senior, so if she’s waiting until later in the day to eat her first meal, her body may already be starved for those nutrients. Again, if she tries to eat a big meal at that point, she could wear herself out just by trying to eat. There is a lot of juggling to do in order to make sure that your senior is getting what she needs, when she needs it the most. 

Balance out Better Choices with Choices She Prefers 

No one likes to hear that they can’t have their favorite treats anymore, especially someone who is dealing with a major health issue. But what you can do is to help your senior to balance out the choices she’s making. She can have some of the things she wants, as long as she’s also giving her body a good bit of what it needs in order to function well. 

Elder care providers can help your senior to find some of that balance. They can also help your senior to delegate some tasks so that she keeps some of her precious energy to do the things she needs and wants to do. 


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